Monthly Archives: September 2009

Help for Giving and Receiving Difficult Truth

It was a huge encouragement to see a good crowd come out to our vision meeting last night. Pastor Jim did a great job discussing several crucial insights on the shifts we are making and who we need to be in order to make those shifts. There were many testimonials shared concerning the growth people are experiencing and how great they feel about who we are becoming. And there also several that shared some difficult criticisms and concerns with strong feelings attached. All in all, I am really glad we had the meeting. The conversations after the meeting were especially helpful.

In this time of transition as a church we need to walk in love and maturity. If you find yourself needing to express truth that may be difficult for the other person to receive… remember these guidelines, taken from “Incarnate Leadership” by Bill Robinson:

  • First, I will have a hard time hearing truth if I am busy defending myself.
  • Second, I will have a hard time identifying truth if the assault feels more like it’s more for your good than mine.
  • Third, I am not capable of accepting truth from you if the attack feels personal.
  • Fourth, I will stop thinking about truth if you make claims about my motives – and I would rather you ask me what they are than tell me what you think they are.

Great food for thought.