Wasted Treasure – Respond to All That Really Counts!

Life is inviting you into motion today! Can you feel it?

Our Creator is all around us with currents and rhythms and feelings and natural laws that challenge us and coax us to respond.

Why? Because it matters that we respond! Don’t miss what is really going on in and around you today.

You are a treasure worth more than you could ever imagine to all of us and really to all of creation… because you are God’s artwork.

He didn’t set you on fire in order to hide you away somewhere! Shine! And show the rest of us the God colors all around us.

And most of all don’t waste this day by just going through the motions or worse than that… by just sitting there! We can’t wait to see what happens!!

“The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” – Gal 5:6

Booking Guitar Students for Fall 2011

Guitar Lessons - Fall 2011
Guitar Lessons Fall 2011 - Call 506-639-8961

I am creating my guitar training schedule for this Fall. I have half hour lesson times available on Saturday, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm and I have some weekday afternoon times available as well. My fees are as follows:

$15 per single lesson; 
$50 package of 4 lessons;
$120 package of 12 lessons.

You can email me at dan@wastedtreasure.com or call @ 506-639-8961.

I don’t want to grow up!

One of the things I love about the Bible is that the writers use powerful word pictures and images to express ideas and highlight realities God wants us to experience.

Jesus followers throughout history, today and on into the future are pictured as a body. Each of us is a part. 
God is intense in His purpose to activate us into a life of kingdom service in our ordinary lives. We are His plan wherever we go today. 
As we get moving we “grow up” and together we will become the full expression of who Jesus is on a worldwide scale!
Part of growing up is learning to walk the balance beam of carrying each others burdens while we carry our own load. Take a few minutes today to ask the Holy Spirit what that means in your life and courage for all of us to “grow up” in our love for each other. 

Jesus “Brand”

Many of us are becoming aware of something on the wind today.

One of Jesus best friends, John wrote: “Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did.” I John 2:6

Living the “brand” of life that Jesus lived is very costly and you pay in deep personal surrender to the greatest force in the universe… LOVE.

Part of what makes it so costly is that every one of us must allow it’s intensity to burn away everything that makes us hold back and keep things for ourself. Though we deeply value our churches and the support of friends and family, we can only enter the life Jesus wants us to live through a personal journey with him.

Do you feel the momentum growing in our world? There is a cry stirring in hearts everywhere; “Can anyone show us the way”?

If we are praying people in our times, may we swear allegiance to loving with His love and ask Him to “brand” us to display it in our ordinary everyday lives.

Restlessly Longing for Faith to Grab the Swinging Trapeze

Am I alone in the nagging tension and restlessness I feel with the instability of our world against the backdrop of the hope we are called to offer to the nations?

The past week I have been really into Matt Redman’s new release called “10,000 Reasons”. One of the tracks is called “We Could Change The World”.   

When Jesus was launched into his three years in the public eye, his message was “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”  

Here are the lyrics for the chorus of “We Could Change The World”:

Yes, our God is all He says He is
Jesus in Your name we could change the world
We stand in Your love, in your power
All you say You are
Jesus, in your name we could change the world.
In order to live the change that Jesus announced 2,000 years ago, we need to recapture the vision of a kingdom that has come to invade life as we know it.
God is looking for people who are ready to embrace a faith that calls us to let go of the security of what has been and to launch out to grab the swinging trapeze coming to us.
May we soon become an uprising of ordinary people who are just wild enough to believe we can change the world!

Hey! Wanna see my room?

I remember when I was a kid and making all kinds of new friends. I grew up in a multi-racial urban neighborhood with kids everywhere. I loved to hang out at my friends’ houses. One of the first things my friend would always ask me was “Hey,wanna see my room?”
Your room in your parents house is a place of wonder, safety, rest and peace. But, best of all it says that you belong… its your “place”. In John 14:2 Jesus promised his followers that they would have a room in Dad’s house. That promise is for all of us who will receive it. There is a place made just for you in His house.

But, today my heart is catching fire by meditating on Psalm 84. Take a few minutes to read it  from “The Message”.  Let your heart dance to the worship rhythm of these phrases from that Psalm ” What a beautiful home, God-of-the-Angel-Armies! I’ve always longed to live in a place like this, Always dreamed of a room in your house, where I could sing for joy to God-alive! Birds find nooks and crannies in your house, sparrows and swallows make nests there. They lay their eggs and raise their young, singing their songs in the place where we worship. God-of-the-Angel-Armies! King! God!How blessed they are to live and sing there!

There is a dream in everyone of our hearts to have a room in God’s house!! Can’t wait to say to you one day, “Hey, wanna see my room?”

Important update for my financial support team in Canada

This is an important request to residents of Canada who are currently part of my financial support team or interested in joining. Please direct your financial gifts of support to Eastgate House of Prayer. All cheques can be made payable to Eastgate House of Prayer. Please make a note on the bottom corner of the cheque “Dan Lamos support”. The mailing address is 403 Hampton Road, Quispamsis, NB, E2E4V5, email: danclamos@gmail.com; phone: 506-639-8961.
An income tax receipt usable for your Revenue Canada Income Tax filing will be issued for any financial gift. Please pray about joining with me as I build a team that believes God is raising up and launching a young generation as worshipping kingdom laborers in our time. I would love for you to hear the Lord’s call for you to jump in and run with us!
Take a minute and fan the flame in your heart with this song by Audra Lynn called Abraham’s song. Watch this video and listen to the Father’s heart for a young generation who are looking for a city whose builder and maker is God!