Dull ache in my heart

This morning I was reading the book of Acts. This description of the very first church grabbed me…

“There was an intense sense of togetherness among all who believed”. Acts 2:44

As I read those words, I am aware of an old familiar ache in my heart.

What if this is what it is all about? What if the kingdom of God is all about “togetherness”?

What if sin is really anything that violates or threatens or infects or breaks our togetherness with each other and with God?

I offer this prayer for us who “believe” today:

Father God, I ache for togetherness. 

I admit that this ache motivates me to behave in strange ways often… many times in 

destructive ways. But I am hungry, actually ravenous for togetherness. 

There are amazing moments when I indulge my hunger in positive ways toward others. 

But most of the time deep connection with other believers eludes me… and I slip into despondency again…

I believe that Jesus laid down His life for all of us to be deeply connected in and through Him.

Please do a miracle with us and restore an intense sense of togetherness in your family.


I don’t believe you!

I just finished watching this video called  You Are Gifted  I laughed and I almost cried a few times.  But mostly I just longed to accept the challenge presented. As I listened I honestly felt an ache in my gut for my friends to live into their giftings so they can say something believable with their lives. Please take time to watch the video! You rock!