Prayers That Marked My Journey July 30 – Dec 9, 2020

We ask that you will cause the tide of transformation to rise as people everywhere receive forgiveness of sins in your name.

King Jesus, Be our strength every morning, our salvation in times of distress. You are the foundation that keeps us stable in the midst of change.

Teach us to pray and give praise in the middle of our darkest moments. Release grace to all of our friends who are in a dark place. Free them from shame and remind them that you have set them free already. In Christ, their chains are broken and their prison doors are opened.

Open our eyes and our understanding to beauty on earth today. Our world misses so much of your glory. It is all around us but we don’t see it. Change us by helping us see you and your new creation here and now. We lift our voices today on earth and we join with heaven saying “Alleluia! The Lord our God, the Almighty, has become king!

We freely confess that on our own we don’t have what it takes to keep it all together. But, you don’t expect us to make this journey alone anyway. So, we aren’t ashamed to say that we need help, support, strength, perseverance… we need YOU. Thank you for telling us the truth. You are the one who announced that the kingdom of heaven has come. And, you are the one who dwells in us… the hope of glory. Fill our conversations with hope today because we know you are with us. 

King Jesus, you are the One sent from God. You are the fullness of God… Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the flesh. Fill us with awe and wonder today that the sign that you had arrived was a naked, new-born baby wrapped in cloths, and lying in a cattle feeding trough. Please show us similar, humble signs that you are present in our troubles today. Help us see your glory, God. 

You are the One in whom the fullness of God dwells… Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Through you everything and everyone is being aligned with God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Thank you for loving and accepting us, even though we are a work in progress. Restore peace today in us and through us wherever we go.

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