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Commitment to Sexual Purity

This Thursday night, I will be leading a seminar/discussion for parents sponsored by KV Youth about living a commitment to sexual purity.

Sex is a beautiful and powerful gift from God designed and reserved for marriage.  It’s pull on us all is intense and alive with desire.  Our young men and women are the stewards of this fire and we need to show them a healthy way to surrender their sexuality to the Creator who designed sex from the beginning.

I am so humbled to be sharing about this subject in Thursday’s seminar. However, it does cause me to feel like Isaiah when he confessed his own unclean lips and that he belonged to a people of unclean lips in Isaiah 6:5.  As a generation of parents, we haven’t done a very good job of living in joyful surrender to God with our sexuality.  Often times we don’t make the connection between God’s blessing of an amazing life (including sex) and our obedience to Him. We live as if following Jesus is hard work and serious, while sex is fun and sort of just the thing we do.

There are children living with us that are counting on us to show them a better way… the way of Jesus’ kingdom.  We can do this by His grace- but it is gonna take honesty, humility and an authentic surrender to Him.

Will you fight for a new generation of young men and women? 

Will you fight for your kids?       

Ne Cede Malis

I dug around a bit today looking for the “Lamos family motto.”

It is found on our family crest. I discovered that it is the Latin phrase “Ne Cede Malis“. The translation is “yield not to adversity“.

It’s funny how a motto like that has a way of challenging me at a deep level of my identity. I would love it if at the end of my earthly life my children would be able to say that I didn’t yield or give up in the face of trouble or adversity.

Don’t Say You Are Only…

When Jeremiah the prophet was a boy, he had a life altering encounter with God. You can read about it in Jeremiah 1:1-19.

At one point, God tells him that he is going to speak through him to challenge leaders in powerful positions of authority. Jeremiah raises the objection that he is only a boy. The Spirit quickly confronts him says “Don’t say I am only a boy“.

The thought comes to mind that I say all kinds of things that limit what God wants to do through me. It usually sounds a lot like… “but I’m only…

Oh Creative God, teach me to fill my head with your thoughts about me and learn to echo what you say about my potential in your hands.

A Towel and Basin Revolution

I was thinking about what God ‘s plan might be to bring about change in this world.

I read that as a Jesus follower I should do all that I do in His name… to do things in the way he would do them… with the same attitude. Jesus showed his way of doing things by grabbing a towel and basin and washing his friends feet. Behavior like that could cause a revolution where I am from. If I want to change the world, I need to live every day looking for chances to serve just the way Jesus would

God, help me to see my towel and basin every day as the best gift you have given me to change the world.

Book Suggestion – You Are God’s Plan A

You Are God's Plan AIf you are looking for a great book to remind you of what really matters, I suggest that you get a copy of “You Are God’s Plan A” by Dwight Robertson.

I read it over the summer. The main message of the book is that God has designed each of us with a unique ministry thumbprint.

Gods 2000 year old plan is to use laborers for His harvest. Great book to get reactivated in your life mission.