Commitment to Sexual Purity

As a generation of parents, we haven’t done a very good job of living in joyful surrender to God with our sexuality…

This Thursday night, I will be leading a seminar/discussion for parents sponsored by KV Youth about living a commitment to sexual purity.

Sex is a beautiful and powerful gift from God designed and reserved for marriage.  It’s pull on us all is intense and alive with desire.  Our young men and women are the stewards of this fire and we need to show them a healthy way to surrender their sexuality to the Creator who designed sex from the beginning.

I am so humbled to be sharing about this subject in Thursday’s seminar. However, it does cause me to feel like Isaiah when he confessed his own unclean lips and that he belonged to a people of unclean lips in Isaiah 6:5.  As a generation of parents, we haven’t done a very good job of living in joyful surrender to God with our sexuality.  Often times we don’t make the connection between God’s blessing of an amazing life (including sex) and our obedience to Him. We live as if following Jesus is hard work and serious, while sex is fun and sort of just the thing we do.

There are children living with us that are counting on us to show them a better way… the way of Jesus’ kingdom.  We can do this by His grace- but it is gonna take honesty, humility and an authentic surrender to Him.

Will you fight for a new generation of young men and women? 

Will you fight for your kids?       

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