Jesus “Brand”

Many of us are becoming aware of something on the wind today.

One of Jesus best friends, John wrote: “Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did.” I John 2:6

Living the “brand” of life that Jesus lived is very costly and you pay in deep personal surrender to the greatest force in the universe… LOVE.

Part of what makes it so costly is that every one of us must allow it’s intensity to burn away everything that makes us hold back and keep things for ourself. Though we deeply value our churches and the support of friends and family, we can only enter the life Jesus wants us to live through a personal journey with him.

Do you feel the momentum growing in our world? There is a cry stirring in hearts everywhere; “Can anyone show us the way”?

If we are praying people in our times, may we swear allegiance to loving with His love and ask Him to “brand” us to display it in our ordinary everyday lives.

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