Wasted Treasure – Respond to All That Really Counts!

Life is inviting you into motion today! Can you feel it?

Our Creator is all around us with currents and rhythms and feelings and natural laws that challenge us and coax us to respond.

Why? Because it matters that we respond! Don’t miss what is really going on in and around you today.

You are a treasure worth more than you could ever imagine to all of us and really to all of creation… because you are God’s artwork.

He didn’t set you on fire in order to hide you away somewhere! Shine! And show the rest of us the God colors all around us.

And most of all don’t waste this day by just going through the motions or worse than that… by just sitting there! We can’t wait to see what happens!!

“The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” – Gal 5:6

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