“Deep Change” or “Slow Death”?

Just received this re-tweet from a friend this morning…

@cnieuwhof: Every organization faces one of two alternatives: slow death or deep change.

I totally resonate with the idea that our church is experiencing “deep change” and I definitely choose it over slow death. I know that I have been experiencing deep-level change for several years now and only recently been feeling like I am getting into a good rhythm again.

The church represents the “unshakable” kingdom of God on the earth.

Are we courageous enough to go through the changing process and allow Him to mold us and empower us to provide the answers for the questions the world is asking?

One thought on ““Deep Change” or “Slow Death”?”

  1. I think this is also true for us as individuals. Looking ahead at 2010, staying open to change is particularly timely. With the new year comes new experience… and some of those undesirable. I think we need to embrace change- especially when the alternative is static atrophy.

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