Just Who Do You Think You Are?

Does it surprise you that that Jesus left His mission to save the world in the hands of a small group of people?

I believe that He knew what He was doing. The Holy Spirit arrived in power about a month and a half after Jesus left the earth to return to His Father. Trusting that the Holy Spirit would inspire, empower and keep them connected they picked up on Jesus’ vision of their culture… that the world around them was full of people who were like “sheep without a shepherd.

Somehow they believed Jesus when He told them they were the light of the world.They were designed to lead others to really “get” that Jesus was the Shepherd their culture needed.

What about us?

You and I were designed by God to lead.

I’m not talking about leading churches or businesses or organizations. I’m talking about embracing the fact that you are a God-designed leader in our culture. People all around you need you to lead. The question is where are you leading them?

My prayer for us is that we will own our destiny as leaders and show those around us what it is like to know Jesus Christ and live in true freedom. The freedom that religion can’t offer. May we have the courage to flesh out a faith journey that trusts Jesus presence and His ways in every unpredictable situation.

He is ready to help us and I believe our best days are yet to come.

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