Destroying the box from the inside

Jesus often causes radical change by injecting his ways into a situation and then breaking out from the inside.  A good example of that is the account of the paralytic in the book of John.  What a powerful model for transforming our world as Jesus followers! The man was waiting for the water in the pool to be stirred by an angel so that he could be healed… but He could never get in the water first (that was the qualification for healing I guess). Intead, Jesus dove into this man’s world and basically said, “If you have courage enough to receive it, I have all of the healing water you will ever need. But, you are gonna have to decide if you really want it!”

I love that Jesus never backs away from any challenge when it comes to injecting His power and His ways into our lives.

We are most like Jesus when we look past all of the distractions and challenges to really “see” the people around us and follow the Holy Spirit’s lead injecting the reality of the kingdom in their situations.      

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