You can never be too careful!

“You can never be too careful”!

Do you think those words would mean anything to the apostle Peter? Think of what he would have missed! If he worried about being careful, he never would have learned most of Jesus’ best lessons.

Peter had a lot to learn about following Jesus. And just like you and me, he was destined to make a lot of mistakes. Failing creatively is huge if we want God to write a great story with our lives.

What can we learn from this crazy chapter from Peter’s life?

Jesus loves it more when we “dive in” and fail than when
we hold back and “look” successful.
If we ask him, He will take us on the most incredible
adventures imaginable.
He believes in our potential way more than we do.
If we will swallow our pride and cry out to him especially when
people are watching, He will reach out and rescue us.
Jesus is gonna use the beautiful messes we make of our lives
if we will keep our eyes on Him! 
Don’t forget the real evidence of being a Christian! We are at our best when we reflect the unrehearsed authority of the creative love of Jesus. 
The world needs you to show us something different! We are all watching to see if you will jump over the edge of the boat and follow Jesus.
It is true, “You can never be too careful… unless you want to walk on water”!  In that case it is deadly to be “too” careful.

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