Rising to new depths

Me: “Jesus, I believe you have created me with a unique design and to make an impact on my world for your glory. Show me what that is!”  Jesus: “If you want to be blessed, do what I have done.”

Your vehicle to rise to your destiny is always the same… do it like Jesus!

How did Jesus do this life?

By “washing feet” Jesus rose to new depths of service.

Maybe you can get what I mean by imagining yourself in the beautifully designed Trump Tower in Manhattan.  You have been sightseeing all morning and you are in desperate need of a rest room. You enter those famous rotating doors and you head for the escalator descending to where you know you will find relief! When you find your destination and find the service you need open and available to you, it strikes you that you are more grateful in that moment for the plumber than the architect who designed this multi-million dollar building.

Maybe the best way to experience the longevity of a meaningful life is to remember that the way to rise to new heights of purpose is to go deeper in service.

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