There is something I know about myself. I have learned that whatever I am thirsty for I am going to find a way to satisfy it!

If I feel empty or restless or anxious or bored, it doesn’t take much persuasion for my will to blaze with passion to make my self feel better.

God made me that way.

It is pointless for me to fight it because what I really want I will get or I will self destruct trying!

So, when I hear Jesus call to me with love and desire to go deep with Him I know that He is speaking to my thirst… my hunger…

He always wants me to come to Him when my desire for more is unquenchable. I have an open door with Him to come when I am thirsty and He will give me living water to drink! That’s crazy! It is the most incredible experience in life to drink what He has to offer.

There is more though… He also unlocks something in me that becomes an explosion of life to everyone around me. It’s called His kingdom and His plan to restore the world is supposed to flow from me… and you…


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