Dreams are keys…

“God cares so much about you that He will bring deliverance keys to you while you sleep.” Sandie Freed

Here is a profound encouragement to those of us whose dreams are vivid and memorable on a regular basis. I have been reading a book on dreams by Sandie Freed. From my earliest childhood memories, I have always been a dreamer. Literally, from birth, I was exposed to all of the stories of dream encounters with God found in the Bible. It has never been a stretch for me to believe that God reveals things to me in my dreams. But, I have not been aware that dreams can be keys to open doors of deliverance for me.

It has been so encouraging here this morning to read Sandie’s testimony. One night a few years ago, I dreamed of finding money and keys that were left for me to discover within holes in the ground. I am beginning to sense that the Lord has been giving me dreams that are deliverance keys to open doors of freedom in my life. Amazing!

If you are one who remembers and regularly experiences vivid dreams, I want to share this encouragement today. “I was finally free! And my complete freedom came through the voice of God in the night season… I was delivered because of the Word of the Lord delivered through my dream. God cares so much about you that He will bring deliverance keys to you while you sleep. Dear one, He delivered me. He set me free. He healed my mind and my body. Nothing is impossible with God (Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27). And, precious one, He wants to do the same for you. Yes, keep dreaming!”

Freed, Sandie. Understanding Your Dreams: How to Unlock the Meaning of God’s Messages (p. 220). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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