A bowl of soup with the worst after taste!

God is hard core when it comes to us making our ordinary moments count. Esau learned that the hard way!
Even though I have heard the story a thousand times, I still wish that it had worked out differently for him. On the day he sold his birthright for a bowl of red soup, God really saw the way it was gonna be with Esau.

And the man never seemed to shift out of “Numb” when it came to going after what really matters. His legacy will forever be etched in our minds; “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.” – God (Romans 9:13).  Ouch! That is NOT what any of us are aiming at in life.

His main problem was that he despised his birthright! Wow, how sad is it that thousands of Jesus followers do the same thing every week?  We have an open invitation to be with God any time we choose and to set our hearts on fire with His intense love for us! This is our birthright. It is true that God is searching for those of us who will let Him take possession of our whole heart. He is ready to partner with us to unleash His presence in all of the simple moments of our day.  

Show us something different in the way you live and love your God designed destiny! Let it be said of you, “Esau I hated but fill in your name  I have loved” – God.

The world is waiting for you to live to own your God designed destiny no matter what it costs!

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