Smells like something died in here!

Does it matter how good or bad you smell? It definitely does. The song by old school indie band, Nirvana used smell as a way to subtly describe youth culture in their time.

With the lights out it’s less dangerous´╗┐
Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us

If you weren’t a middle or high school student in the ’90s, your reaction… What?!?.. but youth all over the world said… “Exactly!” as they all shared sweaty body odor and banged into each other in a thousand mosh pits ­čÖé

It is basic animal instinct to know others by “smell”. Every time I walk in our house my dogs, Maggie and Tenny and my cat, Charlie all greet me at the door… It’s hilarious! But they always insist on greeting me with a “sniff”.

It’s like; “How the heck are ya? Come ‘ere let me smell ya”!  Why? Living breathing beings care about smell!

Ok… so when you launch out into your day, God’s plan is to use you to spread the scent of “LIFE” everywhere you go.

You can tell by “gut instinct” that people are reacting to your physical smell. How much could you learn if you let God make you just as tuned in to the way others react to your spiritual scent?

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