Same World, Multiple Dimensions

While the strong but deceptive pull of the religious spirit is a real thing, in Christ we are welcomed to live today from the dimension of heaven. The disconnect happens for me when I carelessly, recklessly enter the day as if I have no choice. I foolishly let someone else choose. Same world, multiple dimensions. With Jesus, we can engage today from heaven. We can walk in the same situations from a different place. The dull current of religion feels strong and it will mesmerize us if we let it. But, the chains break and fall to the ground when we enter each earthly moment from the dimension of heaven. After all, that IS what Jesus taught us to pray.

You are a blessing!

What happens when God looks at East Saint John?

SJ Baptism in Kings Square

What do you believe happens when God looks at East Saint John? What does He see? KV East Saint John is a church community bringing glory to God and making disciples of Jesus. We know that we can’t do either of those things without God being with us through the Holy Spirit. In all of our relationships, strategic planning, teaching, initiatives, all of it, we know it is about His vision not ours.

God has called us into being as a church community. I am in awe of the way The Father has blessed us in our first year of existence! But it’s not just for us to enjoy. He has called us to partner with Him in blessing the Saint John region for the glory of Jesus Christ. There is no doubt in my mind that God’s burning passion is for us to make Jesus Name bigger than anything else in the life of our city. What does that mean for us? Here is the link to my message from Vision Sunday : click on this title to listen to:

Letting God’s Vision Shape KV East .

In this teaching time, I share what I believe God wants to  do through us.

As we grow as a family partnering with God in East Saint John our hearts will burn to see:

directionless families & individuals become followers of Jesus 

people running free from darkness into the light of God’s kingdom family

a growing church family receiving and living a fresh expression of God’s kingdom here where we live

Stoked for the future! Visit to discover more about us.