Help us bring people to LIFE!


We are investing in helping people COME ALIVE!!

I am having the time of my life serving as lead pastor of KV East. As part of the growing church community called Kings Valley Church we are located in Eastside Saint John.

We are all about “making disciples”! You may be wondering; “What is THAT?”. Making disciples means that we exist to welcome EVERYONE to come ALIVE in God through faith in Jesus Christ.

One of the main points of activation for people is “Baptism”. Through the unique experience of baptism men & women, boys & girls express their faith in Jesus Christ, join the family of God and testify to their lifelong commitment to God and His mission. In other words “IT IS AN AWESOME LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE”!

We are purchasing a portable baptism pool.

I am so stoked about this as it will enable us to baptize people on site at the Cineplex Theatre on the Eastside of Saint John. Our first baptism party on site will be Sunday, May 31, 2015. AND it will also allow us to setup just about anywhere to host baptism parties!

The total cost of the Portable Baptism Pool is $4500. We have $450 raised currently.

Would you like to help invite hundreds of people

to come alive through faith in Jesus Christ

in the Saint John region?

There are three easy methods that you can use to make a donation and receive a charitable donation receipt:

1. You can give a financial gift in the special offering being received at our KV East worship gathering, Cineplex Theatre, 10:30 am, Sunday May 24th.

2. You can give a financial gift “online”. Go to, Click the “donate” paypal button, then when reviewing the donation details, click “Add special instructions to the seller” and add a comment “For the KV East baptism pool”.

3. You can give a financial gift by dropping your donation off at the Kings Valley Church office, 332 Hampton Road in Qusipamsis, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday-Friday.

Your comments mean so much and I love to hear from you. You can leave a reply in the comment section below or email

Love partnering with you for God’s kingdom mission here!

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  1. This is awesome!! Love how God’s work is spreading throughout the city so fast!! 🙂 And even GREATER things ahead!

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